12 Week Year

What is a 12 Week Year?

RAISE YOUR HAND if you've ever fallen victim to not accomplishing your goals for whatever reason that may be.. (everyone should be raising their hand)

So the million-dollar question is how do we manage this? I'll answer that for you, The 12 Week Year! 
This is a time management system that focuses on goal setting in 12 week sprints so that every 3 months or so, you are making major headway on projects. 

Four phases of the 12 week year:

Phase 1 - Establishing Your Goals

Phase 2 - Planning and Preparation

Phase 3 - Execution and Follow-Up

Phase 4 - Evaluation and Reflection

Here are the steps 

Define your WHY

As you sit down to think about what you want to accomplish in the next 12 weeks, you’ll want to first get clear about the why that’s driving those efforts. Ask yourself: Why are these projects/goals important? How will they help my team? This will serve as your foundation.⁠

Establish Goals for Each of the 12 Weeks

12 weeks is the same as three months, so you’re essentially asking yourself: What do I need to accomplish in this short time frame? Remember to set SMART goals so that you’re not setting yourself up for failure 

Build a Plan of Action

Assign realistic due dates to each task and consider the potential roadblocks ahead of time so you can anticipate them and proactively plan for those as well.⁠

Review Often

Schedule a block of time (no more than 30 minutes) into your weekly calendar to look back at what’s been accomplished and what’s still left to do. ⁠

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