Amazon Home Decor $50 & Under!

You guys asked, and we delivered! This list is lengthier than our first Amazon decor list, so we’ll try to keep our talking to a minimum while showing you all of our amazing finds!

A few of the items on this list, we personally have in our homes and they are very versatile. A few pieces are multifunctional, while a few pieces can also be used for any decor theme your home may have (farmhouse, modern, eclectic, contemporary, minimalistic; you name it!)

If you get bored with small talk the way I do, then you’ll appreciate the fact that I’m going to go ahead and jump right into this list!

Number 1 on the list is the Umbra Brand Wall Hanging Mirrors

These mirrors are amazing for that wall space that you just don’t know how to decorate. They come in several different colors, shapes, and sizes. I like these because you can also easily remove links from the chains to customize them for your desired space and placement. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t buy these in gold and rose gold. I used these on a blank wall in our kitchen, I really struggled with ideas on what to put on the kitchen wall and 3 boxes of these really added a unique touch to our kitchen decorations.

Next up on the list is number 2, The Mid-Century Brass Globe Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is amazing for small spaces, or for any space in general. It powers on and off with the push of a button. It’s so convenient and classy. This lamp also comes in black, but we’re big fans of the pops of gold in our home so this is the perfect touch, with the perfect amount of extra lighting.

One of our favorite items on this list is the Sunburst Wall mirror

I don’t think I’ll ever not be obsessed with this mirror. It’s 24 inches in diameter, it’s gold, it’s stylish, and it adds that extra “oomph” to my hallway. This could be used as an attraction point in your wall decor, over your headboard, or just an accent piece in the center of your wall decorations. The best part about this mirror for me is that I got it for a major steal whenever i purchased it from Amazon. I got this mirror as one of the “used” items for this mirror and it arrived in perfect condition. We’re all about saving a few bucks here and there when the option is available. Even without the “used discount”, this mirror is only listed at $41! This mirror from a place like Hobby Lobby, or even Home Goods would be well over that price.

These Nesting Coffee Tables are our next contestants on the list

This set of coffee tables is listed at $69.99 online, but don’t scroll past this one! These coffee tables are a game-changer if you and your spouse/partner eat your dinner in the living area the way we do at my house. They’re lightweight, easy to assemble, small-space friendly can be separated if you want to place them in two different rooms/areas of your living room, the possibilities with these are endless! Plus, they look so amazing when they’re decorated. My favorite part of these tables is the wooden legs, they allow you to also style them to whatever your home’s style theme may be.

If you’re looking for Throw Pillow Covers that do it all, these are the ones for you!

When I say, “do it all” in relation to these 18 x 18 throw pillow covers I truly mean, DO IT ALL! This is a set of five pillow covers for under $28. That’s right, I said FIVE pillow covers for not even thirty whole bucks!! These colors are amazing for any home style theme you have as well. I love the Faux leather look pillow cover against the black designs in the other covers.

If you’re a neat freak like me, any furniture piece that also doubles as storage space is a key essential in a home, like this Side/End Table With Fabric Storage Basket

This end table is a perfect, budget-friendly furniture piece that also keeps those necessary, but less-decorative living room items out of sight. I would use this end table basket to conceal a box of tissues or even my kids x-box controllers (those things always end up left laying around) to help keep them out of sight when they’re not being used, but also providing an easy access point for whenever they’re needed. This table currently has one of those amazing Amazon discount coupons attached to the listing as well, an extra 5% off goes a long way for an Amazon-addict!

In our last Amazon blog post, we shared the decorative designer book. Now we have some decorative (or very useful), contemporary/modern bookends

This set of 4 baskets really saved the cluttered mess that was/is my linen closet. I used the larger one to store extra bathroom toiletries, and I rolled my washes clothes up like a little swiss roll and stored them in the second-to-largest one. The other two are used on my bathroom shelves as a decor piece in my master bathroom, and the smallest one holds a travel-sized tissue box in my spare bathroom. They’re so cute, stylish, and convenient for any room/space.

If you love a neutralized home, but with a little “pop” of color, you’re going to swoon over this runner rug by Safavieh

This 2′ 3″ x 8′ runner is ther perfect colorful addition to help brighten up your home. I LOVE the Safavieh brand. The thickness of this rug it minimal, so keep that in mind but the design and color quality never disappoint. I have this rug in the runner size for my hallway, and also is size 9 x 12 for my living room. It matches such a wide variety of my home decor and really just ties everything in together so well.

Before living in a house instead of an apartment, I never knew just how fun decorating your fireplace is until I found this gem of a Fireplace Screen

I think if i never purchased another fireplace screen in m life, and only ever had this one, I’d be perfectly content. I am so obsessed with decorating my fireplace all because I get to base my decorations around this beautiful screen. This item is also listed just $10 above the $50 budget of this post, but for $60, this thing is a STEAL! It also comes in multiple different colors, so if gold/brass isn’t your style but the look of this screen suits you, there may be a color you’d like just as well as I like this one!

I love a good multifunctional home item, and these lamps take the cake!

These lamps are perfect for a nightstand or an end table. I prefer to use mine on my nightstands thoug, as I love the convenience of having my phone charger close to my bed that way I can scroll through my social media accounts each night until I fall asleep (bad habit, I know), the touch control is also an amazing feature of these lamps as well. With just one touch, you control how dim you want your lamp, and you also switch your lamp on/off with an effortless tap on the lamps base.

Another piece I love having in my home is a decorative serving tray

I love a cute serving tray. In my living room, we have a very large ottoman that we place a serving tray on to be able to use our ottoman as a coffee table as well. Once again, making those furniture pieces multifunctional! A serving tray can be dressed up and used as a centerpiece for your dining table, a jewelry tray on your vanity or dresser, a key/wallet holder for your entry table, or even to be a fruit bowl to use on your kitchen counters. There are no rules on how to use a serving tray, or how to decorate one. Go crazy!

We hope you found this list enjoyable and helpful. If you have any recommendations or requests you’d like us to do a blog on please reach out to us on our Instagram! We’re always open to new ideas and adventures, and love helping you guys find the perfect ideas for your home!

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