Furry Friends Fundraiser Burleson, TX

Furry Friends Fundraiser 

February 20th marks not only National Love Your Pet Day but also a special occasion for animal lovers and community members in Burleson, TX. Applebee's in Burleson becomes a beacon of hope for the four-legged residents of the Burleson Animal Shelter through the Furry Friends Fundraiser.

Celebrate your love for pets and make a tangible difference between 4 - 9 p.m. at Applebee’s located at 1115 N Burleson Blvd for an evening of great food and compassion.

Importance of Supporting Animal Shelters

Our animal friends provide us with boundless affection and loyal companionship. Unfortunately, many await their chance for a happy life within the confines of shelters. Supporting the Burleson Animal Shelter is more than a gesture—it’s about offering vulnerable animals the care and love they need while they find their forever homes.

Event Details

Date: February 20th

Time: 4 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Location: Applebee's in Burleson, 1115 N Burleson Blvd

Event: Furry Friends Fundraiser on National Love Your Pet Day

How to Participate

Let your night out at Applebee's contribute to this noble cause. A generous 15% of sales (excluding tax and alcohol) will directly assist the Burleson Animal Shelter.

Joining is simple:

  1. RSVP using this link to indicate your attendance.
  2. Arrive at Applebee’s and let the host or hostess know you’re there for the fundraiser.

Note: A minimum of 20 attendees is necessary for the fundraiser to take effect. Should this number not be reached, you will be informed about the cancellation via the provided email address.

Every nibble and sip makes a difference—funds raised will help cover the costs of food, medical care, and all the facilities necessary to keep tails wagging at the Burleson Animal Shelter. Your presence fills both bellies and hearts.

To the kind souls in Burleson, Crowley, Joshua, and Fort Worth, this is your opportunity to shine. Your participation is a lifeline for animals in need, providing them with love and hope. It's a chance to embody the spirit of community and compassion that Townsend-ites and neighbors hold dear.

We urge you to mark your calendars and spread the word. The Furry Friends Fundraiser is a small investment of your time but a giant leap for our furry friends. Join us and be a part of a community that values every creature's welfare.

Because when we come together, we can create a better world—one paw at a time.

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