Homes in Godley, Texas

Sold in Godley, TX

Our team recently sold this beautiful Godley, TX home to our buyer client. The Johnson County marketplace has seen a lot of growth in the last few years and it's quickly becoming one of Johnson Countys' fastest-growing Cities!
A bustling community just outside Burleson & Joshua with plenty going on nearby such as quick access to shopping and restaurants - you're sure not bored when living here while also being able to enjoy the southern comfort of this quiet and neighborly community.

Our great friend out in California referred this amazing client to us as they were excited to make their big move to Texas, and to say that we helped this client find exactly what they were looking for is an understatement! 

Coming from California to Texas can be a bit shell-shocking for some, but also, a great and refreshing change. More land, trees, and endless room for growth! And that is exactly what we found this client with their desired change of scenery! It's things like this that make us continue to love what we do each day. 

Helping someone find the home of their dreams when coming from out of state is the cherry on top of a stressful and often traitorous life change. Seeing our client cry tears of joy that this is their new home, makes every bit of it worthwhile. We hope to only continue to make a life-changing impression on our clients when making the biggest life decision of buying or selling their home while our team of 5 only continues to grow in their roles and skills! 

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