Becoming a Morning Person

From Night Owl to Early Bird

So, why be a morning person? Why is staying up all night binging Netflix unhealthy for you? Let's be real, the world isn't made for night owls. If I can do it, anyone can do it because if you know me, I love my sleep.

Teaching your body to wake up early on a daily basis can be extremely trying and completely exhausting if you don't put in the amount of effort necessary to allow your body to adjust as you make this night-to-day (literally) transition. 

I chose to make the switch and become a professional morning person due to the number of benefits that waking up early gives you. When you push your body past the point of being tired, you essentially go into overdrive. You know the feeling of being so tired that you're just... not tired anymore? Weird right? That my friend is going into overdrive. 

Being a morning person is proven to be beneficial for your health, mental state, and overall success. Not only that but it's statistically proven that staying up all night binging on Netflix can actually lead you down an unhealthy path in life which has detrimental consequences on the body (including weight gain) plus having higher rates of anxiety & depression as well! And I can tell you firsthand from my experience, our business has been flourishing because I have chosen a healthier lifestyle for myself, which not only benefits me but my team who depends on me as well.

So, How Did I Become a Morning Person You Ask? 

 Mindset! Mindset! Mindset! Shift the way you think about waking up early. Say to yourself "I am becoming a morning person," instead of, "I am not a morning person." Clicking that snooze button for an extra 5 minutes does NOTHING for you. Let the first time your alarm dings be a trigger to your body that says "it's time". This means, get up, get out of bed, make your coffee, and hustle! The days don't wait around on you to crawl out of your slumber after staying up way too late watching The Bachelorette (guilty). Time keeps moving, and the longer you sleep the day away, the more opportunities you will miss out on. 

If you've been struggling lately to get out of bed, to get up and get moving, I hope this is exactly the blog post you needed this Tuesday. 

See you guys next Tuesday! 

Drop your comments below with any helpful tips and tricks that have helped you transform from a night owl to an early bird! 

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