Pops at the Pool

Pops at the Pool 

Summer is on the horizon, and there’s no better way to welcome the sun-soaked days than with a celebration that promises fun, relaxation, and community spirit. This Memorial Day, grab your friends and family and make a splash at BRiCk’s outdoor pool event. Here’s everything you need to know about the perfect start to your summer season!

A Day of Free Fun Under the Sun

On Memorial Day, from 1 PM to 7 PM, the BRiCk opens its doors to the local community for a day of aquatic adventure and sun-drenched memories—completely free of charge! Whether you're a regular at the facility or have yet to experience what BRiCk has to offer, this event is the perfect occasion to see the best of what we bring to our community’s recreational and leisure needs.

Cool Treats to Beat the Heat

What’s a summer kickoff without some icy treats? Delight in the simple joys of summer with FREE popsicles, a sweet treat to keep cool as the day heats up. But it doesn’t stop there—They'll also be giving away popsicle koozies (while supplies last) to help keep your hands warm and your popsicles cold.

Engage in Friendly Competition

Looking to add a competitive twist to your day of leisure? Say no more! Participate in a variety of yard games suitable for all ages. Test your flexibility and balance with a game of limbo, aim for a strike in yard bowling, or team up for an exciting round of cornhole. These games are not only a great way to bond with your loved ones but also a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends within the community.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Aside from offering a day of free fun, delicious treats, and engaging activities, BRiCk’s Memorial Day pool party symbolizes the start of a season filled with warmth, joy, and community connection. It's a time to relax, make new memories, and enjoy the company of those around us. Events like these strengthen our community, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate the simple pleasures.

Here are a few reasons why this Memorial Day event is a can’t-miss:

  • Family and Community-focused Fun: Designed for individuals and families alike, this event promises a safe and friendly environment for people of all ages.
  • A Great Way to Kick Off Summer: What better way to mark the beginning of summer than by lounging by the pool with friends and neighbors?
  • Completely Free: From entry to treats and activities, enjoy everything the event has to offer without spending a dime.

Don’t miss this chance to usher in summer with a day full of laughter, relaxation, and community spirit. Come to BRiCk and be a part of a Memorial Day celebration that you and your loved ones will remember fondly as the perfect start to summer 2024. Remember to mark your calendars for May 31st, 1 PM to 7 PM, and get ready for a fantastic day at the outdoor pool. See you there!

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