Spring Cleaning Checklist

Prepare Your Burleson, TX Home for the Spring Season!

All over Johnson and Tarrant County, spring is upon us. The days are soon to be longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and things are starting to bloom. While it may feel like time to celebrate, it’s also time to get your home ready for all of the fun activities that come with warmer weather. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive list of all the tasks you should complete if you want to give your home a thorough spring cleaning this season.

Clean Up Your Closet

The first item on your checklist should be cleaning out your closet. Take everything out and sort through it piece by piece. Throw away any items that have been worn, stained, or otherwise damaged beyond repair. Donate anything still in good condition but no longer needed or wanted. Once that’s done, vacuum or sweep the floor and dust off any shelves or racks in the closet before putting everything back in its place.

Wash Your Windows

The next order of business is washing all your windows—inside and out! Start by wiping down all window frames as well as sills and tracks with a damp cloth and mild soap solution. Then use glass cleaner on the windows themselves for a streak-free shine. Finally, open up the windows for some fresh air!

Dusting & Vacuuming Furniture

After taking care of your windows, shift your attention to furniture surfaces like tables and shelves which can collect dust over time. Spray furniture polish onto a soft cloth and wipe down surfaces thoroughly until clean; then vacuum upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs using an attachment designed specifically for fabric upholstery. If possible, take these pieces outside to beat them with a rug-beater or broom handle to remove excess dirt trapped deep within fibers.

Spring cleaning can seem like an overwhelming task at first glance—but with this comprehensive checklist in hand, you can tackle each step one by one until you have achieved a sparklingly clean home! From washing windows to vacuuming furniture and everything in between, completing these tasks will ensure you’re ready for whatever adventures spring has in store for you this year! So don’t delay—get started today!

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