Winterization Checklist For Your Home

As a homeowner, you know that cooler temperatures bring changes to your home. Learn how to easily winterize your house with this simple checklist to protect it from the harsh conditions. Even though we are in Texas, we still get a few weeks of freezing weather and we need to be prepared! 

Let's start with the inside of the home.

- Maintain your chimney: Get it cleaned and inspected by a professional to ensure there is no buildup.

- Adjust your water heater: Consider reducing the temperature to reduce wear & tear on the pipes.

- Block drafts: Use window film and caulk around doors, windows, and baseboards to keep the heat inside your home.

- Check your detectors: Residential fires are more common in the winter, so make sure to check your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.

- Tune up your furnace: Consult a technician to make sure it is working properly before it is time to use it regularly.

Now onto the outside of your home.

- Winterize your pool (if you have one): Drain the water or cover the pool & clean out any leaves, insects, dirt, or other debris.

- Prevent pests: Make sure to seal any holes or cracks around the exterior of your home.

- Prevent bursting pipes: Insulate any pipes that may be susceptible to freezing, leave your faucets on a slow drip, and open any cabinets below sinks to ensure the pipes are exposed to the warm air in the home. 

- Check your gutters: Prevent any ice dams by cleaning out your gutters, getting gutter guards, and making sure the attic floor is property insulated.

If you follow these simple steps your home will stay nice, warm and cozy through the cold harsh winter! 

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